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Art & Poems — The “Endangered” Project

4 works created for “Endangered”

Poet Georgia Tiffany and the multitalented Ryan Law conceived an unusual brain child in Endangered, a collaborative project of visual arts and poems by 30 participants. The poets and artists,  all of whom live and work on the Palouse of eastern Washington and north-central Idaho, were asked to freely interpret the concept of being “endangered.” An exhibit of the resulting works opens on May 21st, 2015, at the Prichard Art Gallery under the auspices of the University of Idaho College of Art & Architecture. A reading and reception are scheduled for  the 21st from 5 to 7 p.m. with music provided by John Paul Shields. The exhibit will remain open through June 6th.

Downtown Moscow, Idaho

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Poets and visual artists worked in pairs on Endangered, drawing inspiration from one another. Anesa Miller  was assigned to work with  the painting “Mexican Gray Wolf” by Jeanne Wallace. Anesa says, “It’s a remarkable portrait, just as  one would see a commemorative likeness  of a human   face. I began to hear poetic rhythms the moment I saw  this painting.”  See this pairing of poem and artwork below.

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Listen to the poem  Homo Sapiens   Under Siege

by Anesa Miller  (1 minute 16 seconds)


The wolf is at the door.

Keep your weapons near.

They’ll overrun

the land we love.

Our children shake with fear.

“Mexican Gray Wolf” by Jeanne Wallace


The wolf lurks just outside—!

They range around the yard.

We’ll know no peace

until they cease.

Be always on your guard.


Let’s take them from above,

from the safety of a plane!

We’ll lay them low

in fields of snow,

their fight and speed in vain.




They hound the innocents,

rapacious woodland gang.

The doe knows dread

till her throat runs red.

None can outpace the fang.


The wolf is on the prowl.

They howl beneath the moon.

They rip the sky

with yip and cry.

They’ll feast upon us soon!


Their hunger never ends.

They bound behind the sleigh.

Toss the baby overboard—!

to keep blood lust at bay.

~ ~ ~ ~


Click here for directions to the Prichard Art Gallery in Moscow, Idaho. Visit Endangered between the evening of  May 21st, 2015, and June 6. Click here for hours.

6 thoughts on “Art & Poems — The “Endangered” Project”

  1. What an interesting project going on in your region. Your poem is full of imagery that made me shiver! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for this “publicity,” Anesa, and I’m so glad you put your wonderful poem here with the artwork.

  3. I’m excited to see and hear and absorb and discuss. So fortunate to be part of this exciting project.

  4. This is what “community arts” is all about. The exhibition sounds very interesting and thought provoking. I hope to get to see it…please post more.

  5. I love seeing the painting of the wolf with its haunting yellow eyes and hear you reading your words in this quickening, hunting, haunting poem. And then throwing the baby as an offering! Good job!

    1. Thanks so much, J, for those good words! It means the world to me to hear that you appreciate my poem. Wish I could attend the reading to deliver it myself, but understand that another poet will present for me in my absence. I’m looking forward to seeing the full exhibit!

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