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Does Heritage Play a Role in Creativity?

What an Honor!

Historic Logo of Wichita, Kansas, courtesy KS Historical Society
Historic Logo of Wichita, Kansas, courtesy KS Historical Society

It was  an honor  to chat with published author Leta Hawk at her blog Hawk Happenings!  She kindly let me rattle on about Our Orbit, Ohio heritage, growing up in the “Air Capital of the World” during the Cold War, and many other topics! Visit Leta’s site and find out what comic-book spies were really up to back then!

A selection from the interview—

Anesa Miller says:  My novel, Our Orbit, embodies a lot of my own heritage in fictional form. My parents came of age in the Depression and went through some very hard times. …Over the years, I came to understand that my mother’s family moved “from pillar to post” and finally lost their home altogether.

The Midwest Warnocks in the 1930s
The Midwest Warnocks in the 1930s


Learning about my background was an enlightening experience. It inspired me to look deeper into genealogy and history. One of the things I discovered is that a tiny village in southeastern Ohio still bears the name of my mother’s family: Warnock village. My ancestors had a dairy farm in that region. I have since visited and found the site of their farm and the church some of them attended, not to mention a beautiful countryside! So understanding our Appalachian roots became an important part of creating the story of Our Orbit. . . .

Read the full interview at  Hawk Happenings.

Thank you, Leta!

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    1. Thank you, Russell. It means a lot to hear from readers and colleagues. This was a fun one so I’m especially glad you could visit the blog and share!

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