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Black Swamp Arts Festival — Update


2 thoughts on “Black Swamp Arts Festival — Update”

  1. Anesa,

    Many, many congratulations upon your reception at the Black Swamp Arts Festival and the burgeoning success of ‘Our Orbit’. Besides being a fine writer you are clearly hard working and highly focussed, much like my indomitable and ever so patient mentor & tutor with whom, I know, you would have much in common.
    We were exchanging texts last week upon matters in The Gaza Strip and E.Ukraine but he kept interrupting the narrative to correct me on historical facts and imploring me to modify my opinions in case, ‘ … any of this stuff is recovered from the archive and published when you’re gone’ as he put it. ‘You can’t be too careful’.
    ‘Listen’, I told him later, ‘I’ve been thinking. How is you know everything and have this knack of getting straight to the heart of the matter whilst I just flutter about, aimlessly, like a moth at dusk?’
    ‘That’s not the best imagery’, he said sternly, more like flying too close to the flame. The wax is melting. Knowing everything is what they pay me for and, anyway, where’s that epic you keep promising me? I thought you were good!’
    He maintains a healthy tension in the relationship which I tend to think is good for my output and he knows damn well IS given my proclivities!
    However, in you, it’s just nice to know a real life, real time novelist with whom I have the privilege of corresponding with and trust you will accept this ditty in the spirit in which it’s offered.

    A novelist we know called Anesa
    Not a slouch nor a mope nor a guesser
    Wrote ‘Our Orbit’ the book
    And with every good luck
    She’ll be bound for the Pantheon, God bless ‘er!

    (after Edward Lear)
    Very best regards,


  2. Fred! I’m so honored to become the subject of a limerick (and a non-obscene one, at that)! You and your tutor (a co-substantial alter ego, perhaps?) are always welcome on my website. Thank you once again for stopping by to share your sense of positivity and perseverance…although the tutor no doubt has a more precise term to suggest?

    Hope you’re doing well. Best always–

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