Anesa Miller



Our Orbit

a novel by Anesa Miller

has been named


Close-up of Indie Book Award medals.

“Best Regional Fiction”

in the




“We like to think of our awards program as the ‘Sundance’ of the book publishing world,” says Catherine Goulet, Chair of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards program.

Anesa Miller is seeking participants for a “launch team” to help publicize Our Orbit’s re-release from Booktrope Publishing in summer 2015  —   Click here for details on this opportunity!

In an article at titled “If it’s cool, creative, and different, it’s indie,” journalist Catherine Andrews wrote: “The term ‘indie’ traditionally refers to independent art — music, film, literature or anything that fits under the broad banner of culture — created outside of the mainstream and without corporate financing.”

Independent book publishing companies are independent of the major conglomerates that dominate the book publishing industry. The indies include small presses, larger independent publishers, university presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors.

According to Goulet, “Like other independent artists, many indie book publishers face challenges that the industry giants don’t experience. They typically have to work a lot harder to get their best books into retail stores and ultimately into the hands of readers.”

“Authors and publishers in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards are serious about their books,” adds Goulet. “They aim to stand out from the crowd of millions of books in print.”

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