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A Romantic’s Take on “Reverie”

Published author and intrepid romantic Jacquée T. shares the following entry from the section of her multifaceted website titled “Love for Words.” First posted here a few weeks ago, this discussion of the term “reverie” spoke to me with a lovely eloquence!

Writers know that every word in a book or poem, however brief or obscure, carries its own special weight and character. What could be more important to any type of creative artist than a “fantastical vision,” be it ever so “impractical”?

As Jacquée T.  elucidates—

A reverie is a deep absorption in one’s notions.
A person in a reverie  is indulging in positive thoughts, perhaps to the point of elation.

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Definitions via RANDOM HOUSE KERNERMAN Webster’s College Dictionary online:
1. a state of meditation or fanciful musing.
2. a daydream.
3. a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea.

One might bask in reverie privately, while it diverts them from surroundings. Or they might feel so overwhelmed by their reverie, they yen to shout it from the rooftops.

Either way, outsiders, should they gaze at that person’s reverie, might admire the inspiration, or consider it mere madness.

“Reverie” derives from Old French reverie, meaning “revelry, raving, delirium.”

Usage examples:
a) After Jenny accepted his invitation to dinner, George basked in reverie to plan an unforgettable date.
b) Sarah took a two-week cruise for her vacation. The evening before the luxury liner returned to port, she reclined on deck and took reverie over her diverse and magical experiences.
c) Andrew Snodd requested VIP passes to the Horse Riders Club annual Rein Ball, based on the fact that his belated grandfather was once the Club treasurer. Committee members considering Mr. Snodd’s request dismissed it as a reverie.

Famous inspiration: Paul Anka’s classic song “You Are My Destiny” begins with lyrics—

“You are my destiny
You share my reverie…”

When have you felt lost in REVERIE?


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